Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande is one of the most prodigious people on the planet.  He began his journalism career with Slate, and has written for New York Times, New England Journal of Medicine, and New York Review of Books.  He is a staff writer at New Yorker.  He is also Professor at Harvard Medical School, general and endocrine surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Executive Director at Ariadne Labs, founder and chairman of Lifebox, a MacArthur genius, and a fellow at the Hastings Center. Before getting his M.D., he spent many years in politics, working for Gary Hart, Al Gore, and the Clinton administration. He is also on the Board of Directors of the New America Think Tank.
B.S. Stanford University – Biology
B.A. Stanford University – Political Science
M.A. Oxford (Rhodes Scholar) – Philosophy, Politics and Economics
M.D. – Harvard Medical School
M.P.H. – Harvard School of Public Health
Having read a portion of Gawande’s work, I would say that he is a pretty trustworthy source.  The work is often transparent, self-critical and logically sound. Please read Elizabeth Gudrais’s profile for the most accurate and elegantly-worded portrayal.
In general, I pause if I see someone working at a media think tank that takes funding from the U.S. State Department (reference) and other politically motivated organizations.  Gawande, by having taken a guest commentary role for the New York Times in May of 2012, having worked officially worked for Gore, Clinton, and others,  and writing extensively on topics that effect policy, demands exercising critical analysis. However, just because what one is writing can be interpreted as pushing policy or propaganda does not mean it is dangerous, misguided, or crooked.
Gawande has published four books:
2002 – Complications
2007 – Better
2009 – Checklist Manifesto
2014 – Being Mortal
The following are links to Gawande’s published articles and content, in relative order from earliest to latest:
TED Talk:How do we Heal Medicine? 
10-26-96 – Persian Gulf War Syndrome, from Slate
06-07-97 – Diary of a Surgical Resident, from Slate
07-13-97 – The Unkindest Cut, from Slate
08-02-97 – DOA, from Slate
08-15-97 – Rx Profit, from Slate
08-29-97 – The Hunger, from Slate
09-12-97 – Gamma Burgers, from Slate
09-27-97 – Cybertests, from Slate
10-10-97 – Drowsy Docs, from Slate
10-25-97 – Of Course You Don’t Like Your HMO, from Slate
11-08-97 – Does the Third-World Deserve Second-Class Treatment? from Slate
11-22-97 – Suicide Watch, from Slate
12-26-97 – Cold Comfort, from Slate
01-30-98 – Partial Truths, from Slate
02-27-98 – One for my Baby, but 0.08 for the Road, from Slate
03-20-98 – E.R. and the Triple Hex, from Slate
03-30-98 – No Mistake, from Slate
05-01-98 – The Human Cost of Crippling Castro, from Slate
05-15-98 – Viagra Creep, from Slate
05-18-98 – Mouse Hunt, from New Yorker
05-29-98 – Organ Meat, from Slate
06-26-98 – Manning the Hospital Barricades, from Slate
07-23-98 – The Buck Stops with the Doc, from Slate
09-04-98 – The Dead Baby Mystery, from Slate
09-21-98 – The Pain Perplex, from New Yorker
09-25-98 – Juicy Journals, from Slate
10-23-98 – No Medicare Scare – Yet, from Slate
12-25-98 – Why Money Won’t Buy Fat, from Slate
02-01-91 – When Doctors Make Mistakes, from New Yorker
02-08-98 – The Cancer-Cluster Myth, from New Yorker
07-05-99 – A Queasy Feeling, from New Yorker
10-04-99 – Whose Body is it, Anyway? from New Yorker
06-13-00 – Medical Advice on the Web, from Slate
08-07-00 – When Good Doctors go Bad, from New Yorker
09-10-00 – The Maggot Talks, from New York Review of Books
01-08-01 – Under Suspicion, from New Yorker
02-12-01 – Crimson Tide, from New Yorker
03-19-01 – Final Cut, from New Yorker
07-09-01 – The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Eating, from New Yorker
01-28-02 – The Learning Curve, from New Yorker
03-11-02 – Cold Comfort, from New Yorker
05-05-03 – Desperate Measures, from New Yorker
07-13-03 – Call My Cell, from New York Review of Books
01-12-04 – The Mop-Up, from New Yorker
12-06-04 – The Bell Curve, from New Yorker
04-04-05 – Piecework, from New Yorker
11-14-05 – The Malpractice Mess, from New Yorker
10-09-06 – The Score, from New Yorker
04-30-07 – The Way We Age Now, from New Yorker
05-01-07 – The Power of Negative Thinking, from New York Times
05-05-07 – Can This Patient be Saved, from New York Times
05-10-07 – Curing the System, from New York Times
05-12-07 – Bad Medicine, Sneaking In, from New York Times
05-17-07 – Doctors, Drugs and the Poor, from New York Times
05-19-07 – Let’s Talk About Sex, from New York Times
05-24-07 – Rethinking Old Age, from New York Times
05-26-07 – A Katrina Health Care System, from New York Times
05-31-07 – The Obama Health Plan, from New York Times
07-23-07 – Sick and Twisted, from New Yorker
12-10-07 – The Checklist, from New Yorker
12-30-07 – A Lifesaving Checklist, from New York Times
06-30-08 – The Itch, from New Yorker
01-26-09 – Getting There from Here, from New Yorker
03-30-09 – Hellhole, from New Yorker
06-01-09 – The Cost Conundrum, from New Yorker
06-23-09 – The Cost Conundrum Redux, from New Yorker
12-14-09 – Testing, Testing, from New Yorker
03-22-10 – The Road Ahead, from New Yorker
03-22-10 – Watching the Health Care Vote, from New Yorker
04-05-10 – Now What? from New Yorker
08-02-10 – Letting Go, from New Yorker
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12-06-10 – The Cost Conundrum (*), from New Yorker
01-24-11 – The Hot Spotters, from New Yorker
01-27-11 – Seeing Spots, from New Yorker
05-26-11 – Cowboys and Pit Crews, from New Yorker
10-03-11 – Personal Best, from New Yorker
05-01-12 – 200 Years of Surgery, from New England Journal of Medicine
06-02-12 – Failure and Rescue, from New Yorker
06-28-12 – Something Wicked This Way Comes, from New Yorker
08-13-12 – Big Med, from New Yorker
04-17-13 – Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready, from New Yorker
07-29-13 – Slow Ideas, from New Yorker
10-07-13 – States of Health, from New Yorker
10-03-14 – The Ebola Epidemic is Stoppable, from New Yorker
10-04-14 – Can Life in a Nursing Home be Uplifting and Purposeful? from The Telegraph
10-05-14 – The Best Possible Day, from New York Times
10-06-14 – The Conversation that Matters Most, from Slate
05-11-15 – Overkill, from New Yorker
09-14-15 – Oliver Sacks, from New Yorker
12-18-15 – Health Care’s Price Conundrum, from New Yorker
06-10-16 – The Mistrust of Science, from New Yorker
11-21-16 – Trump and the Seventy-Per-Cent Solution, from New Yorker
01-23-17 – The Heroism of Incremental Care, from New Yorker

03-06-17 – Trumpcare Vs Obamacare, from New Yorker

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