Sarah Stillman

Sarah Stillman is an American journalist that generally writes stories about those struggling in society.  She is a staff writer for New Yorker, and has written for Yale Daily News as a student, The Nation, New Republic, Truthdig, Slate, The Atlantic and Washington Post.  She has taught at Yale and NYU.  She is a MacArthur Fellow.  She published a book as a high school student.  She has won a Hillman prize, a National Magazine Award, and a Polk Award. She was a part of Columbia University’s Global Migration Program. In college, she founded a creative writing workshop at Cheshire Correctional Facility.
B.A. – Yale University – Anthropology
M.A. – Yale University – Anthropology
M.Phil. – Oxford University – Cultural Anthropology (unsure if finished)
04-07-17 – It is extremely difficult to come away reviewing Stillman’s body of work and not be impressed.  She has covered my different areas and types of societal dispossession, and in the beginning of her career, there seems to be a lot of evidence that she directed and cultivated these stories, as opposed to them being assigned.  Her upbringing and early life seems to indicate a grounding in social-justice and activist work, and I would consider all of her work good, valuable, honest social justice journalism.  She is a person one should strive to be, in my humble opinion. As of now, she is still young and doesn’t seem to have been corrupted or discouraged from fighting.
Stillman has published one book:
2000 – Soul-Searching: A Girl’s Guide to Finding Herself
The following are links to Stillman’s published articles and content, in order from earliest to latest:
02-21-03 – Humanitarian Acts in Iraq? Drop Sanctions, from Yale Daily News
09-08-03 – Paying Human Rights Lip Service, from Yale Daily News
11-13-03 – Fight Against Sweatshops Merits Student Action, from Yale Daily News
01-01-05 – Made by Us: Young Women, Sweatshops, and the Ethics of Globalization, from Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
07-17-06 – Project Corpus Callosum, from The Nation
11-03-06 – The Unquiet Frenchmen, from Truthdig
03-06-07 – A Coalition of the Unwilling, from Truthdig
06-28-07 – Can Drag Queens and Hired Guns Save Darfur? from Truthdig
09-02-07 – Drinking. Brawling. Hurting., from Washington Post
01-22-08 – The Whole World Was Watching, from Truthdig
04-28-08 – Bloated in Baghdad, from Truthdig
05-19-08 – Suicide Watch, from New Republic
05-29-08 – The Unsung Heroes of Emerald City, from Truthdig
08-17-10 – In Baghdad with the Louisiana National Guard, from Slate
12-20-10 – Tea and Politics: Scenes from Our New, Awkward War in Iraq, from Atlantic
05-30-11 – The Invisible Army, from New Yorker
06-01-11 – Primary Sources: The Invisible Army, from New Yorker
06-07-11 – The Dancing Cowboy Whistleblower, from New Yorker
02-10-12 – Nancy Grace, Policymaker, from The Nation
08-27-12 – The Throwaways, from New Yorker
12-12-12 – 2012: The Year in Almosts, Not-Quites, and Nearly-Theres, from New Yorker
01-21-13 – The Reality of Roe, from New Yorker
04-01-13 – Up in the Air, from New Yorker
04-04-13 – What We Want is the Head of the Friar, from New Yorker
05-01-13 – Death-Traps: The Bangladesh Garment-Factory Disaster, from New Yorker
06-21-13 – If Defense Contractors are Rich, Why Aren’t Their Workers Paid? from New Yorker
08-05-13 – Taken, from New Yorker
08-08-13 – Swat-Team Nation, from New Yorker
10-10-13 – Lampedusa’s Migrant Tragedy, and Ours, from New Yorker
01-01-14 – The Year Ahead in Crime and Justice, from New Yorker
04-07-14 – H.I.V.’s Grip on the American South, from New Yorker
05-08-14 – In a Cafe, Waiting for Word from Rwanda, from New Yorker
06-04-14 – The Political Fight Against Polio, from New Yorker
06-16-14 – Get Out of Jail, Inc., from New Yorker
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08-12-14 – Hiroshima and the Inheritance of Trauma, from New Yorker
08-15-14 – The Economics of Police Militarism, from New Yorker
11-11-14 – Ebola and the Culture Makers, from New Yorker
01-01-15 – Sarah Stillman’s Six Reporters to Follow, from Vela
04-20-15 – Where are the Children? from New Yorker
07-30-15 – Death of a Young Black Journalist, from New Yorker
10-15-15 – Black Wounds Matter, from New Yorker
03-07-16 – The List, from New Yorker
06-30-16 – Obama’s Failed Promise to Immigrant Families, from New Yorker
11-17-16 – Undocumented in a Red State and Asking, “What Now?” from New Yorker
01-16-17 – Can Behavioral Science Help in Flint? from New Yorker
02-11-17 – Can the President “Destroy” Criminal-Justice Reformers? from New Yorker
02-16-17 – Peter van Agtmael’s Decoding of American Violence, from New Yorker

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