Get Out of Jail, Inc.

Sarah Stillman – Get Out of Jail, Inc.
New Yorker

Description and Analysis

This article is about the different ways in which alternatives to prisons and jails operate.  Although the problem addressed in the article centers on the unfair profiting of these companies, and that it is a nationwide problem, this article focuses squarely on programs in the south. I don’t find anything irrelevant or nefarious about Stillman’s work, and this article is representative.

In essence, this article is the type that commands no controversy at all.  I found none.  The individual pieces are grim, and I’m sure there are more out there, but I think the piece represents everything fully. I can’t say this article is the best-constructed of her work, and I do get slightly confused at points – differentiating between systems, the places, the scams – but it is still better than most’s work.


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