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New Yorker, Issue Sept. 30, 2013
Talk of the Town
Amy Davidson – Trump Takes the Oath, Inaugural
Judith Thurman – Roth on Trump
Emma Allen – Bull’s Eye, Bayete Ross Smith
Adam Gopnik – No Cigar, Daniel Barenboim
Andrew Marantz – Crash Landing, Pete Holmes
Jill Lepore – Autumn of the Atom, American Chronicles, Climate Change & Nuclear War
Colin Stokes – Translating the Noises my Radiator Makes, Shouts & Murmurs (comedy)
Adrian Chen – The Troll of the Internet, Profiles, Brad Troemel
Evan Osnos – Survival of the Richest, A Reporter at Large, Wealthy Preppers
Raffi Khatchadourian – Alernate Endings, Annals of Technology, Choose Your Own Movie Scenes
Alix Ohlin – Quarantine, Fiction
The Critics
Amanda Petrusich – In Retrospect, Music, John Cale
Laura Miller – Fork You, Books, Paul Auster
Peter Schjeldahl – A Woman’s View, The Art World, Marisa Merz
Hilton Als – Allies, Theatre, Martin McDonagh
Anthony Lane – Depths of Fear, Movies, “The Salesman” and “Split”
Current Editor
David Remnick
Other Editors, per New Yorker Staff Directory
Michael Agger
Emma Allen
Roger Angell
Andrew Boynton
Richard Brody
Alan Burdick
Amy Davidson
Hendrick Hertzberg
Amelia Lester
Mary Norris
Joshua Rothman
Michael Shulman
Nicholas Thompson
Dorothy Wickenden
Lizzie Widdicombe
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From what I could find, David Remnick, as of 2005, is $1,000,000 (source here)
Other sources claim they pay $250 per digital article (source here), $1 per word for “Talk of the Town” (source here), and the link with David Remnick’s salary also claimed Malcolm Gladwell’s staff-writing salary was $250,000 in 2005.  Not much more could be found. Currently canvassing both New Yorker and their writers.
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Conde Naste
Parent Company of Conde Naste
Advance Publications
My Top 5 Favorite Pieces from New Yorker
David Grann’s Trial by Fire
John Colapinto’s The Interpreter
Maile Meloy’s The Proxy Marriage
Atul Gawande’s Letting Go
Haruki Murakami’s Town of Cats
New Yorker, Issue Jan. 12 2015
Talk of the Town
David Remnick – The Fire This Time – Bill de Blasio
Elizabeth Kolbert – Civic Duty – Renzo Piano
Jiayang Fan – Hoop Dreams – Eddie Huang
Michael Shulman – New Threads
James Surowiecki – The Mortgage Mistake (Financial Page) –
Adam Gopnick – The Outside Game, profile of Howard Becker
Yoni Brenner – The Eight Serious Relationships of Hercules (comedy)
Jonathan Kalb – Give Me a Smile, Personal History
Margaret Talbot – The Talking Cure, Annals of Education
Julia Ioffe – Remote Control, profile of Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Robert Coover – The Crabapple Tree, Fiction
Sasha Frere-Jones – Second Coming, Music, D’Angelo
Malcolm Gladwell – The Bill, Books, Steven Brill and Healthcare
David Denby – Dirty Oil, Movies, “A Most Violent Year”
New Yorker, Issue June 1, 2015
Talk of the Town
Adam Gopnik – Art and Money
Lizzie Widdicombe – Air Bus, Uber for Helicoptors
Dana Goodyear – D.I.Y. School, MUSE School and James Cameron
Nick Paumgarten – Life Without Audience, Vin Scelsa
Emma Allen – It’s My Party, Erick Mauro
Ed Caesar – House of Secrets, Annals of Real Estate, Witanhurst
Paul Rudnick – Who’s Happy Now, Shouts & Murmurs
Michael Specter – Extreme City, Letter from Luanda, Angola Economy
Ben Taub – Journey to Jihad, A Reporter at Large, Teens Joining ISIS
William Finnegan – Off Diamond Head, Personal History
Salman Rushdie – The Duniazat, Fiction 
The Critics
Thomas Mallon – Frenemies, Books, Norman Mailer and William Buckely
Dan Chiasson – American Snipper, Books, John Ashbery
Elizabeth Kolbert – Project Exodus, A Critic at Large, Colonizing Mars
Anthony Lane – Wouldn’t it be Nice? Movies, “Tomorrowland” and “Gemma Bovary”
New Yorker, Issue June 8&15, 2015
Talk of the Town 
Amy Davidson – Telling the Story, Jason Rezaian
Rebecca Mead – Ink, Harper Lee
Alec Wilkinson – Fare Thee Well, Bob Weir, Trey Anastasio
David Owen – On Broadway
James Surowiecki – Eastern Exchanges (Financial Page) 
Zadie Smith – Escape from New York, Fiction
Jonathan Safran Foer – Love is Blind and Deaf, Fiction
Louise Erdrich – The Course of Happiness, Fiction
Anthony Lane – Go Ask Alice, Book Review of Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carrol
Daniyal Mueenuddin – Lost Luggage, Fiction
Primo Levi – Quaestio De Centauris, Fiction
Rebecca Curtis – Morlocks and Eloi, Fiction
Jonathen Franzen – The Repubilc of Bad Taste, Fiction
Thomas McGuane – Fall River, Fiction
Sam Lipsyte – Package Tour
Nicola Lo Calzo – Exiles, Portfolio
Karen Russell – The Prospectors, Fiction
The Critics
Robyn Creswell adn Bernard Haykel – Battle Lines, Politics and Literature, Jihadi Poetry
Emily Nussbaum – Where the Boys Are, Television, “Cucumber and Banana”
Anthony Lane – Crackups, Movies, “Love and Mercy and San Andreas
New Yorker, Issue May 12, 2014
Talk of the Town
Adam Gopnik – Team Spirit, on the N.F.L.
Reeves Wiedeman – Hoops Whisperer, Idan Ravin
Rebecca Mead – Ice-Cream Defense, Moot-Court Competition
Emma Allen – Faces, Eric Kandel
John Seabrook – Hey,Hey, Michael Nesmith
Lizzie Widdicombe – The End of Food, Annals of Gastronomy, Soylent
Lisa Birnbach – Early Bird, Shouts & Murmurs (Comedy)
Lee Siegel – Pure Evil, Life and Letters, Jo Nesbo
Keith Gessen – Waiting for War, Letter from Ukraine
D.T. Max – Green is Good, A Reporter at Large, Nature Consverancy
Lyudmila Ulitskaya – The Fugitive, Ficiton
The Critics
Jill Lepore – Away From My Desk, Books, Offices
Joan Acocella – Selfie, Books, Narcissism
Anthony Lane – Road Trips, Movies, “Ida” and “Chef”
New Yorker, Issue June 23, 2014
Talk of the Town
Dexter Filkins – Wider War, Fighting in Mosul
Ian Frazier – Poll, Washington Redksins Name
Tad Friend – Rascal, Don Johnson
Larissa MacFarquhar – Master Class, Stephen Sondheim musicals
Emma Allen – Memento Mori, Sophie Calle and Kim Cattrall
Jill Lepore – The Disruption Machine, Innovation Techniques
George Saunders – Liner Notes, Shouts & Murmurs (comedy)
Nick Paumgarten – Id Girls, Onward and Upward with the Arts, Broad City
Sarah Stillman – Get Out of Jail, Inc. A Reporter at Large, For-Profit Alternatives to Prison
Janet Malcolm – The Book Refgue, Our Local Correspondents, Argosy Bookshop
Maile Meloy – Madame Lazarus, Fiction
The Critics
Emily Nussbaum – Snowbound, Television, Fargo
James Wood – The Punished Land, Books, Zachary Lazar
Alex Ross – Blockbuster, Musical Events, NY Philharmonic Biennial
Sasha Frere-Jones – The Skeptic, Music, Chrissie Hynde
David Denby – Limited Partners, Movies, “Third Person” and “22 Jump Street
New Yorker, Issue Sept. 30, 2013
Talk of the Town
George Packer – Negotiating Syria
Ian Frazier – Community Guns, profile Shaina Harrison
Sophie Brickman – Paleo Run
Tad Friend – Selfless, profile Harry Dean Stanton
John Seabrook – A Dog’s Life
Xan Rice – Now Serving, Letters from Somalia
Cora Frazier – To the NSA: Some Explanations (comedy)
Josh Eels – Night Club Royale, Annals of Entertainment
Dexter Filkins – The Shadow Commander, A Reporter at Large
Ariel Levy – The Perfect Wife, Profiles, Edith Windsor
Joshua Ferris – The Breeze, Fiction
The Critics
Emily Nussbaum – Color Commentary, Television, Key & Peele
Louis Menand – Nukes of Hazard, Books, Command and Control
Hilton Als – Heavy Date, staging of Romeo and Juliet
Anthony Lane – Fast Moves, Movies, “Rush” and “Thanks for Sharing”
New Yorker, Issue Dec. 23&30, 2013
Talk of the Town
Jeffrey Toobin – Cruel and Unusual, Death Penalty
Ian Frazier – The Mountain, Road Salt
Tad Friend – Swagger, Alive Eve
Reeves Wiedeman – All-Stars, E-Sports
James Surowiecki – Deadbeat Governments, Financial Page
Elizabeth Kolbert – The Lost World, Annals of Extinction
Katherine Zoepf – Shopgirls, Letter from Riyadh
Cora Frazier – Influencers, Shouts and Murmurs
Emily Eakin – The Civilization Kit, Dept. of Technology, profile of Marcin Jakubowski
James Carroll – Who Am I to Judge?, profile of Pope Francis
Michael Pollan – The Intelligent Plant, A Reporter at Large
Rebecca Curtis – A Christmas Miracle, Fiction
The Critics
Emily Nussbaum – Utter Rot, Television, “The Walking Dead
Adam Gopnik – Two Bands, Critic at Large, Duke Ellington and The Beatles
Hilton Als – The Troubles, Theatre, “The Night Alive”
Anthony Lane – Only Make Believe, Movies, “Her,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Saving Mr. Banks”
New Yorker, Issue Feb. 13&20, 2012
Talk of the Town
Hendrik Hertzberg – The Debate Debate, Politics
Andrew Marantz – Shoestring, Buddy Roemer
Ben McGrath – Odd Jobs, Westminster Dog Show
Alec Wilkinson – Passing Through, JD Souther
James Surowiecki – Financial Page, Blackberry Season
Jane Mayer – Attack Dog, The Political Scene, Larry McCarthy & Mitt Romney
Lizzie Widdicombe – The Plagiarist’s Tale, Life and Letters, Quentin Rowan
Jonathan Franzen – A Rooting Interest, A Critic at Large, On Edith Wharton
Raffi Khatchadourian – Transfiguration, A Reporter at Large, A Successful Faceplant Surgery
Michael Chabon – Citizen Conn, Fiction
The Critics
Sasha Frere-Jones – The Sound of Success, Music, Rick Ross
Anthony Lane – Fright Nights, Books, M.R. James
Emily Nussbaum – It’s Good Enough For Me, Television, Children’s Programming
Alex Ross – Number Nine, Musical Events, Philip Glass
New Yorker, Issue Sept. 5, 2011
Talk of the Town
David Remnick – Behind the Curtain – Qaddafi
Ben McGrath – Disaster Island
William Finnegan – Local Hero
James Surowiecki – Europe’s Big Mistake (Financial Page)
Rebecca Mead – Better, Faster,Stronger, profile, Tim Ferriss
Paul Rudnick – I’m Sorry, Shouts and Murmurs (comedy)
Tad Friend – Contract City, Letter from California
Larissa MacFarquhar – How to be Good, profiles, Derek Parfit
Ian Frazier – The March of the Strandbeests, Our Far-Flung Correspondents
Haruki Murakami – Town of Cats, Fiction
Louis Menand – Browbeaten, A Critic at Large
James Wood – Cabin Fever, Books, Denis Johnson’s “Train Dreams”
Alex Ross – Testament, Musical Events, “The Passenger”
David Denby – Noble Creatures, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Chasing Madoff”

New Yorker, Issue Aug. 2, 2010
Talk of the Town
Hendrick Hertzberg – Open Secrets
Ian Frazier – Sculpture
Alec Wilksinson – Two Beats
Ben McGrath – Leaders-To-Be
James Surowiecki – Blame Games (Financial Page –
Keith Gessen – Stuck, Letter From Moscow
Kelefa Sanneh – Man of Many Hats, Profile, Brad Paisley
Atul Gawande – Letting Go, Annals of Medicine
Jeffrey Toobin – The Senator and the Street, The Political Scene, Chuck Schumer
Tea Obrecht – Fiction
David Denby – Cinema, “Salt” and “Farewell”
Elizabeth Kolbert – Books – The Scales Fall (Any Hope for Fish?)
Sasha Frere-Jones – Music – Big Boi
John Lahr – Theater – Talking Heads
Nancy Franklin – TV – Snapped Cable (CNN)

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