Raffi Khatchadourian

Raffi Khatchadourian is an American journalist writing on the staff of New Yorker.  He has also written for Village Voice, The Nation, New York Times, Salon, Smithsonian, Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Conde Naste Traveler, and The Russia Journal. He was born on Long Island, in New York.  His work can’t really be pigeon-holed; he writes like he is a classic freelancer.
B.A. – Trinity College, Hartford, CT – Fine Arts
M.A. – Columbia University – International Relations
04-27-17 – Since Khatchadourian pivots on his subjects so quickly, it can be difficult to assess him in synthesis. Logically, this is the better way to do things.  Developing a beat brings you closer to your subjects. It makes you privy to certain things, for good or bad.  The composition of your perception evolves from outsider to insider.  You may foster stories in ways outsiders couldn’t, but it may come at a cost.  The subject could be using you, if money or power are involved.
By most accounts, Khatchadourian is an extremely curious person, which would account for the subject changes…the way I would want to do it.  His trajectory has gone from major governmentally important pieces to less important technology pieces. It seems a little odd, but there is no certain reason to be skeptical about him generating propaganda.
Khatchadourian has not published any books to date
The following are links to Khatchadourian’s published articles and content, in order from earliest to latest:
12-16-01 – Neighbors Fear Afghan Drug Industry May Spread, from San Francisco Chronicle
01-21-02 – Letter from Uzbekistan, from Nation
02-19-02 – Beyond Survival, from Village Voice
03-22-02 – Time to Tell the Truth About the Gulf War (missing), from Baltimore Sun 
04-01-02 – Relearning to Love the Bomb, from Nation
05-20-02 – Militants on the Steppes, from The Nation
06-24-02 – Letters, from The Nation
06-24-02 – Saying No to Nuclear Arms, from The Nation
09-17-02 – Worse than Enron, Worse than Worldcom: The Pentagon, from Salon
10-23-02 – Breaking al-Qaeda, from Salon
01-28-03 – America, from Ally to ‘World’s Biggest Terrorist State,’ from Village Voice
02-11-03 – Part One: Crude Measures, from Village Voice
02-18-03 – Part Two: Code of the Kalashnikov, from Village Voice
03-04-03 – Part Three: Disgust, Distrust, and Death Threats, from Village Voice
03-04-03 – The Price of Allies, from Village Voice
03-25-03 – Part Four: America Builds an Army for Industry, from Village Voice
04-22-03 – The Price of Progress, from Village Voice
11-17-03 – The Curse of the Caucasus, from The Nation
04-26-04 – The Terror of Jaslyk, from The Nation
03-01-05 – Where East Met (Wild) West, from Smithsonian
01-17-06 – Pursuing Terrorists in the Great Desert, from Village Voice
01-24-06 – Pursuing Terrorists in the Great Desert, part 2, from Village Voice
05-15-06 – Behind Enemy Lines, from The Nation
01-22-07 – Azzam the American,from New Yorker
03-26-07 – Bus Ride, from New Yorker
10-29-07 – Neptune’s Navy, from New Yorker
09-15-08 – Dem’s Delegates, from New Yorker
09-29-08 – The Stolen Forests, from New Yorker
10-27-08 – The Third Man, from New Yorker
06-29-09 – The Kill Company, from New Yorker
09-21-09 – Nader’s Blueprint, from New Yorker
11-16-09 – The Taste Makers, from New Yorker
01-12-10 – Street Fight on the High Seas, from New Yorker
04-05-10 – The Wikileaks Video and the Rules of Engagement, from New Yorker
04-07-10 – The Use of Force, from New Yorker
04-09-10 – The Wikileaks Video: Reading the Report, from New Yorker
05-31-10 – No Secrets, from New Yorker
09-02-10 – Afloat, from New Yorker
09-05-10 – Chasing Wikileaks, from New Yorker
08-23-10 – The Laughing Guru, from New Yorker
12-01-10 – Wikileaks Evolves, from New Yorker
01-24-11 – A Wikileaks Arms Race? from New Yorker
03-07-11 – The Gulf War, from New Yorker
03-11-11 – BP Cleanup: The Non-Event, from New Yorker
05-04-11 – Bin Laden: Rules of Engagement, from New Yorker
05-20-11 – Manning, Assange, and the Espionage Act, from New Yorker
06-27-11 – Project Neon, from New Yorker
11-21-11 – In the Picture, from New Yorker
11-22-11 – I Shot JR: A French Street Artist at Work, from New Yorker
02-06-12 – Transfiguration, from New Yorker
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02-15-12 – The Julian Assange Show, from New Yorker
05-30-12 – Julian Assange Loses, For Now, from New Yorker
12-10-12 – Operation Delirium, from New Yorker
12-10-12 – Manufacturing Madness, from New Yorker
12-12-12 – War of the Mind, from New Yorker
12-15-12 – High Anxiety: LSD in the Cold War, from New Yorker
12-21-12 – Primary Sources: Operation Delirium, from New Yorker
01-26-13 – The Case of Agent 15: Did Syria Use a Nerve Agent? from New Yorker
05-13-13 – The Chaos of the Dice, from New Yorker
05-20-13 – Stakeout, from New Yorker
06-04-13 – Whale-War Fugitive: Q&A with Paul Watson, from New Yorker
02-24-14 – A Star in a Bottle, from New Yorker
02-28-14 – How to Fix ITER, from New Yorker
09-15-14 – Survivors, from New Yorker
09-18-14 – Rachel Sussman’s “Oldest Living Things,” from New Yorker
12-29-14 – A Century of Silence, from New Yorker
01-12-15 – We Know How You Feel, from New Yorker
04-21-15 – Remembering the Armenian Genocide, from New Yorker
05-11-15 – World Without End, from New Yorker
05-14-15 – What a Dinosaur’s Mating Scream Sounds Like, from New Yorker
11-16-15 – The Doomsday Invention, from New Yorker
06-13-16 – The Unseen, from New Yorker
08-02-16 – Exploring the Lost Grandeur of New York City’s Verizon Building, from New Yorker
12-12-16 – The Long View, from New Yorker
01-23-17 – The Movie with a Thousand Plotlines, from New Yorker

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